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Alex McPhee
Prairie Heart Workshop


Nice to meet you!

Portrait of Alex.

I'm an independent cartographer based in Grasslands National Park, Canada. It's as fun as it sounds!

I'm really pleased to be selling my first commercial product, an international-award-winning reference map of Alberta.

While you're here, you can also take a look at my portfolio and my upcoming map of Saskatchewan.

Find my Twitter at @ksituan.



University of Alberta - BSc Geophysics (Specialization), 2020, GPA 3.5

  • Won competitive Undergraduate Research Initiative Stipend ($5,000) for self-initiated Saskatchewan R.M. boundary reform project


I research, design, print, and sell an original series of reference maps.

Alex McPhee's Province of Alberta - award-winning original geographic portrait

Alex McPhee's Province of Saskatchewan - currently in development


2020-ongoing - Research Assistant with Univ. of Alberta Future Energy Systems Lab

  • A generalist, I specialize in scientific GIS analysis on a variety of prairie topics
  • Wildfire spread modeling, agriculture residue bio-energy, ecological citizen science...

2020-ongoing - LeanTossup political analysis

  • Head of information design at LeanTossup, an independent datajournalism group and Canada's most accurate 2019 election forecaster

Summer 2019 - Research Assistant with Univ. of Alberta Froese Group

  • Used satellite and field data to map climate change and permafrost degradation in Northern Canada
  • Two weeks of subarctic field experience in Sahtu region, NWT

Spring 2018 - Environmental Student with Seven Generations Energy

  • Used enterprise GIS for cartography, environmental monitoring, Indigenous consultation


Integrated cartographic and analytic skillset for every step of the map-making process.

Thousands of hours experience with QGIS and its Python environment.

Visual artist: composition, typography, vector graphics, designed this website.


May 20, 2021 - Canadian mapmakers celebrate wins at international map design competition (Can. Geo.)

March 30, 2020 - 2 friends using self-isolation to map out COVID-19 travel restrictions across Canada (CBC North)


Interested in starting your own map business? Here's all of my advice on how to work with a commercial press.


As you might have noticed, I'm really proud of my Province of Alberta. This link goes directly to my online checkout.

A link to the store.