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I'm an independent cartographer based in Grasslands National Park, Canada. It's as fun as it sounds! I publish my own maps, accept contracts, and do custom work in print and online. Find my Twitter at @ksituan and my résumé here.


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A hexagonal bin map of Canada's population density.

Population of Canada

A map of every Hutterite colony in North America.

Hutterite Colonies of North America

A map of the nearest national park in Canada.

The Nearest National Park

A grid cartogram of the 2021 Canadian election.

Canada's 44th federal election

An election map of Canada showing change in party preference between 2015 and 2019.

Canadian politics: 2015 vs. 2019

A map of religious affiliation in Newfoundland, 1945.

Religion in the Dominion of Newfoundland

A map of covid restrictions in Canada.

Community-Issued Travel Restrictions

A poster describing the 'Missing Middle' concept in urban planning.

Edmonton's Missing Middle

A dot density map of the most common ethnicities reported in Canada.

Most Common Ethnicities of Canada

30 Day Map Challenge


Because visiting websites should be fun again!

Fictional Maps

A fictional map of North America.

Governmental Freedom in North America, 2068

A fictional province.

Kanamonta Province

A fictional election map.

New Israel provincial election, 2017

A fictional constitutional crisis.

Western Canadian sovereignty crisis, 2020

A fictional province.

Mispon Province

A fictional map of Newfoundland.

Republic of Terra Nova

A fictional county.

United Counties of Last Day and Radium

A fictional map of Connecticut's non-existent territorial claims in the Upper Midwest.

Territorial History of Connecticut


Interested in starting your own map business? Here's all of my advice on how to work with a commercial press.

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