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Alex McPhee
Prairie Heart Maps


Nice to meet you!

Portrait of Alex.

I'm an independent cartographer based in Grasslands National Park, Canada. It's as fun as it sounds!

In addition to publishing my own work, I accept contracts and am currently soliciting new customers.

Find my Twitter at @ksituan.


Reference Maps

The gold standard of wall maps. Internationally recognized, Canadian printed.

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Political Work

As a past federal candidate and professional election data analyst, I provide various progressive mapping and strategic services.

I also sell Canada's best printed election maps:

Saskatchewan Posters

A local product series available at craft markets and museum gift shops throughout the province.

Thematic Maps

These one-off maps demonstrate the wide variety of subjects I work with. Click to open in a new tab.

A map of Nunavut.

Population Balance in the Nunavut Legislature

A map of the landforms of Saskatchewan.

Landforms of Saskatchewan

A map of the United States Public Land Survey System.

Error in the Public Land Survey System

A dot density map of the most common ethnicities reported in Canada.

Most Common Ethnicities of Canada

A hexagonal bin map of Canada's population density.

Population of Canada

A map of religious affiliation in Newfoundland, 1945.

Religion in the Dominion of Newfoundland

A population map of Alaska.

Alaska's Human Universe

A map of covid restrictions in Canada.

Community-Issued Travel Restrictions

A poster describing the 'Missing Middle' concept in urban planning.

Edmonton's Missing Middle

Election Maps

A political map of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan general election, 2020

A political map of Canada.

Canadian Politics: 2015 vs. 2019

An election map of Wales.

Senedd Cymru forecast, 2021 (LeanTossup.ca)

A grid cartogram of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom general election, 2019

A grid cartogram of India.

India general election, 2019

An election map of Alaska.

Alaska House of Representatives election, 2020

Fictional Maps

A fictional map of North America.

Governmental Freedom in North America, 2068

A fictional province.

Kanamonta Province

A fictional election map.

New Israel provincial election, 2017

A fictional constitutional crisis.

Western Canadian sovereignty crisis, 2020

A fictional province.

Mispon Province

A fictional map of Newfoundland.

Republic of Terra Nova

A fictional county.

United Counties of Last Day and Radium

A fictional map of Connecticut's non-existent territorial claims in the Upper Midwest.

Territorial History of Connecticut


Interested in starting your own map business? Here's all of my advice on how to work with a commercial press.

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