30 Day Map Challenge

It's on!

Every November, the cartographic community braces itself for the grueling 30 Day Map Challenge.

As a freelancer, I really enjoy the opportunity to test my skills. These are my daily submissions from past years.



All of these images can be right-clicked and opened in a new tab.

A map of population centres in Saskatchewan.

1. Points

A map of population centres and railways in Saskatchewan.

2. Lines

A map of informal cultural regions in Saskatchewan.

3. Polygons

A hexagonally binned population map of Canada.

4. Hexagons

A map of flax production in Saskatchewan.

5. Blue

A map of the Red River Valley.

6. Red

A map of how many beer can deposits are needed to purchase a house.

7. Green

A map of canola acreage in Western Canada.

8. Yellow

A dot-matrix style map of Val Marie and its surroundings.

9. Monochrome

A statistical map of the measurement error in the United States Public Land Survey System.

10. Grid

A map of the viewshed from the roof of Val Marie's grain elevator.

11. 3D

A map showing the municipalities and election results of a fictional county.

12. Map not made with GIS software

A map of tree species prevalence in Alberta.

13. Raster

A map of new farms cleared in Mackenzie County since 1990.

14. Climate change

A map of community populations in Nunavut.

15. Connections

A map of Saskatchewan's island forests.

16. Island(s)

A map of historical country school districts in Alberta.

17. Historical map

A diagram of Alex's favourite land cover colour scheme.

18. Landuse

A map of roads in Alberta that Alex has personally driven.

19. NULL

A map of Canada's Indigenous population.

20. Population

A map of temporal water coverage in the Peace-Athabasca Delta.

21. Water

A map of air service to the Canadian Territories as of November 2020.

22. Movement

A map of the malapportioned ward boundaries in Mackenzie County, Alberta.

23. Boundaries

A map of landforms and elevation in Saskatchewan.

24. Elevation

A map of covid rates in Western Canada, November 24, 2020.

25. COVID-19

A map of the Rural Municipality of Auvergne No. 76.

26. Map with a new tool

A diagram of Alex's first vote in a Canadian federal election.

27. Big or small data

A cartogram of white and Indigenous population in the Northwest Territories.

28. Non-geographic map

A map of populated places in New Zealand.

29. Globe

A map of the Peace River Country.

30. A map

A postage stamp
Nowadays you'll need at least two pronghorn stamps to deliver anything.
Box 201, Val Marie SK, S0N 2T0