McPhee's Alberta

Award-winning wall map shows the province in unique detail

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I'm a self-taught, independent cartographer.

This map was created over the last three years, using open-source software and public-domain resources. It has won multiple international awards.

I have ensured its accuracy by personally visiting every county in the province.

I invite you to experience Alberta as I see it.


50dpi preview of map
Lumber mill
Lookout tower
Giant beaver

The “reference map” is a traditional style of wall map. The idea is simple: provide a clear and balanced overview of everything that's interesting.

I started personally travelling to collect data in 2018. But Alberta was even more interesting than I thought, so packing it all into a single canvas ended up taking about 1,000 hours.

Here are some things you won't see on any other map:

How big was the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire?

A red boundary is drawn in the hills around Fort McMurray.

How much of Edmonton is built on the Papaschase reserve?

A dotted red line, labeled Papaschase First Nation, surrounds most of Mill Woods.

How many Hutterite colonies are there?

A large number of gray dots can be seen south of Lethbridge.

Or maybe you're just interested in a complete inventory of abandoned railway stations, parks and public lands, First Nations and traplines, campgrounds provincial and public.

The map's legend shows a long list of different kinds of features.


McPhee's Alberta finally came into the world during April 2021, when I ordered 2,000 copies from a Canadian offset printing press.

At 42" x 68", the map brings immaculate geographic detail to any indoor space. Plus, it's extremely affordable for a wall-size print from an independent artist.

Maps are $70 laminated, $60 unlaminated.

Get one here.

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