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Alex McPhee
Prairie Heart Workshop

McPhee's Alberta

The Princess Province in all her majesty

50dpi preview of map
The CaGIS Best Reference Map award, 2020The NACIS Best in Design award, 2019

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I'm a self-taught, independent cartographer.

This map was created over the last three years, using open-source software and public-domain resources. It has won multiple international awards.

I have ensured its accuracy by personally visiting every county in the province.

I invite you to experience Alberta as I see it.


50dpi preview of map
Lumber mill
Lookout tower
Giant beaver

The “reference map”, as an art form, is significantly older than Alberta. The idea is simple: I want to show you everything that's interesting.

All of the data that went into this map is freely available to the public. My job as a cartographer is to winnow out the boring and irrelevant stuff.

That leaves me room for some things you won't see on any other map:

How big was the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire?

A red boundary is drawn in the hills around Fort McMurray.

How much of Edmonton is built on the Papaschase reserve?

A dotted red line, labeled Papaschase First Nation, surrounds most of Mill Woods.

How many Hutterite colonies are there?

A large number of gray dots can be seen south of Lethbridge.

Or maybe you're just interested in a complete inventory of abandoned railway stations, parks and public lands, First Nations and traplines, campgrounds provincial and public.

The map's legend shows a long list of different kinds of features.


People have been asking me where to get a copy for years.

In order to get the lowest price possible, I ordered a huge quantity from a Canadian printer. I'm not sure how long my floor can bear the 2,200-pound weight, so I'd love to mail you one!

At 42" x 68", the map makes a handsome addition to basically any indoor space. (Just think, most artists would charge a lot more for a wall-size print of their best work.)

Copies are $70 laminated, $65 unlaminated.

Get one here.

A link to the store.